Teach African Grey to Whistle?

I was told not to teach my African grey to whistle and he's whistling. What do I do?

Q:  I bought a 13-week-old Congo African grey from a lady who is a breeder. She told me if I wanted him to talk, do not teach him to whistle. But he is whistling now and no one has been whistling in the home here. What do I do?

Jean Pattison explains whistling in African greysJean Pattison, also known as “The African Queen,” explains:

Absolutely untrue. If it were true, none of my greys would ever speak. I am a whistler. Even in department stores I find people giving me looks and I realize I am going along just whistling my head off, and none too quite either. I whistle in my nursery all the time. If it turns out that your grey never talks, it was not because it learned to whistle. Be careful what you wish for – some greys can drive you crazy with their talking ability. Lucky you, your grey may be a great whistler, too.


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