Taylor Swift’s New Kitten

Meet Olivia Benson, the newest feline family member for Taylor Swift.

Twenty-four year old Taylor Swift’s little family has grown by one. Nope, she’s not pregnant. And she hasn’t married anyone (that we’re aware of).

Even BETTER, she has a new super adorable kitten named Olivia Benson, named after the “Law & Order: SVU” character played by Mariska Hargitay.

Oliva made her debut on Instagram this past Wednesday, garnering 833k likes to date!  Yesterday, Taylor posted a second photo of her new kitty sleeping and made the observation that she looks like a baby polar bear (personally, I don’t see the similarities, but no one asked me).

Meredith Grey, Taylor’s first cat, a Scottish Fold named after a character from Grey’s Anatomy who’s lived with Taylor for four years is not as enchanted with little Olivia as the rest of the world — at least not according to her Twitter feed.

They make me a tad sad, Then again, let’s not forget it was Meredith who attempted to shred Taylor’s Met Gala dress not that long ago.

Perhaps even back then, she had a sneaking suspicion … it has been 3 months since she’s been featured on Swift’s feed.

Let’s just hope Taylor doesn’t forget about Miss Meredith. She does have two hands after all one hand for petting each kitty.

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