Taylor Swift’s Cat Meets Her Namesake

Olivia Benson, meet ... Olivia Benson! See Swift's cat with Mariska Hargitay, who plays Olivia Benson on Law & Order.

Taylor Swift’s Scottish Fold Olivia Benson has dominated her Instagram feed since the songstress adopted her in June of last year; but this past weekend Olivia was caught on film doing something completely out of the ordinary yet awesome. What, you ask? Oh, just meeting Mariska Hargitay, aka the real-life Olivia Benson from “Law & Order: SVU.”

The Olivia/Olivia meetup occurred backstage after Swift’s show in Philadelphia, wherein Hargitay appeared onstage during Swift’s performance of “Style.” And, in true Swift style, the meet-and-greet between the two was captured by Taylor and posted to Instagram – complete with a Swift narration stating “This is Olivia Benson meeting Olivia Benson. Things are going well so far.”

Olivia Benson meeting Olivia Benson. @therealmariskahargitay

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Although this was Olivia’s first time meeting the real Olivia Benson, Swift has had a friendship with Hargitay for quite some time now – first meeting at the Met Gala, followed up with a Hargitay cameo in Swift’s music video for the song “Bad Blood.”

Clearly there is no ‘bad blood’ between feline Olivia and real Olivia. But seriously…aren’t you loving their little tête-à-tête?


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