Taylor Swift’s Alarm Clocks Are Cats

Roosters, take note: cats can wake up people even earlier and more obnoxiously than you.

I’ve tried to mimic the horrendous sounds (I cannot even call them meows or mews or cries) my cat Haddie makes each and every morning before the sun rises.

But whenever I get out the audio or video recorder, my cat’s intuition clicks on and she clams up. I owe Taylor Swift a HUGE thank you.


Looking innocent, but just wait. Via Taylor Swift on Instagram

Thanks to Taylor’s Instagram post from this past Saturday, Apr. 25, I can finally share with my friends and family who think I’m exaggerating, what I must endure each and every morning.

Living With Roosters: A Documentary

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Celebrities. It’s nice to know they’re just like us.

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