Taylor Swift Meets A Cockatoo

Who's more starstruck? The cockatoo or Taylor Swift?

I love Taylor Swift? songs. Who hasn? danced to “Shake it Off??Felt all the feels with “Bad Blood??Sang along to “Wildest Dreams??

I don? know much about Taylor Swift herself, however. Except I know she loves cats. This might be the most well-known fact outside her being a singer. I mean, look at the number of articles of Taylor Swift and cats on our sister site, CatChannel. She loves cats!

So to see Taylor with a parrot, specifically a sulphur-crested cockatoo, was a surprise. (She’s in the Hamilton Island in Australia, where you’d see a cockatoo like this.) And I think this is a golden opportunity. Most of the time, parrots are still considered exotic, and not shown as the playful, adorable feathery “fids?they are.

Maybe we can all let Taylor Swift know how awesome birds are. Not only that, some of the challenges they face. Parrots aren? like other pets: they?e not domesticated like cats and dogs, and many of their wild counterparts are endangered in the wild. For her to meet them, learn how awesome they are, and maybe talk about them and their issues would be kind of cool. Basically: Why not make a parrot lover out of Swift? Maybe she can sing about them in her next album too.

So what is Taylor Swift doing in the Hamilton Island, where she met her new feathered friend? According to Mashable: 

Swift is currently staying on Hamilton Island for an exclusive concert hosted by Nova Network. Many people believe the singer may also be hosting her annual birthday party on the island ?Swift turns 26 on Dec. 13 ?although Swift denied these rumors in an Instagram post shared earlier today (Dec. 2).  

What do you think of Taylor Swift plus parrots? Let me know in the comments.  

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