Taveta Golden Weaver Saved at Disney? Animal Kingdom

The bird was attacked by another bird, causing damage to his trachea.

Walt Disney World Resort is home to Disney? Animal Kingdom, where many species of animals reside. Every Wednesday the resort shares stories about one of those animals and this week they shared about a Taveta golden weaver.

Within the aviary located along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, the Taveta golden weaver chick was trying to fly. During his attempt he was injured by another bird, a Hamerkop or hammerhead stork. The attack resulted in a damaged trachea for the 15-gram chick. Dr. Natalie Mylniczenko, a veterinarian at the resort, examined the bird. She said in the Disney Parks Blog post, “”His trachea had basically started closing in on itself from all the inflammation so he couldn? breathe. The advantage of birds is that they also have air sacs in their body which help with flight, but are also an integral part of their respiratory system.?lt;/span>

Luckily, the veterinary team acted quickly and saved the Taveta golden weaver? life by inserting a breathing tube.

“We had to basically create a tube, so we took an IV catheter for a larger animal, snipped it, smoothed it, popped it in and sewed it in,?Dr. Mylniczenko said. “Remarkably, it worked really, really well, and then we gave him medicine and supportive care. By the next day, his trachea had completely gone back to normal [so that] we were able to take the tube out. It was a really quick turnaround.?lt;/span>

Now, two weeks later, Mylniczenko said that the keepers can? even tell which bird was injured.

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