Tanya Tucker Sued Over Alleged Dog Bite

Country singer Tanya Tucker is being sued after a woman suffered a dog bite during a visit to the star’s home.

Tanya Tucker is being sued for $300,000 by a manicurist who says the country star’s dog Bella attacked her during a visit to the singer’s Nashville, Tenn., home.

Danielle D. Hobbs’ lawsuit alleges that the dog ran from a bedroom and bit her, resulting in painful scars on her leg.

Hobbs says she told the singer’s assistant that she was scared of the dogs after several growled and barked at her during two previous visits to the home to give the singer a manicure.

Hobbs, who works for Carol G’s Hair Salon, claimed the assistant refused to restrain the dogs, calling them “babies” and saying “they will not hurt you.”

Hobbs says she suffered the dog bite on May 2, 2006. She filed the lawsuit last week.

Tucker’s publicist, Kirt Webster, responded saying, “This lawsuit comes as a total surprise and has been filed without merit.”

Tanya Tucker is best known for her hit “Delta Dawn,” which she released at age 13.

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