Taming Vs. Training

Taming and training are two words often spoken when it comes to pet birds. I invite you to take our quiz to see how much you know about each! Take it here!

I think my birds are fairly tame; they usually step up onto my hand when asked and usually step off my hand when I bring them back to their cages. And Ollie knows he’ll get a special treat or extra head scratch when he dances on cue. But I’m wondering if there is anything they’ve got me trained to do; come to think of it …

  • Ollie’s high-octane screech in the morning never fails to add some pep in my step when it comes to serving breakfast promptly at 7:30 AM.
  • Every time I notice that Gracie is “hole-punching” my take-home work, I quickly substitute one of his cardboard box foraging toys.
  • I automatically start whistling and contact call the flock as soon as I step out of their line of whenever they are in the bathroom, living room or bedroom because failure to do so leads to protest screeches and birds fluttering about.

What does your bird have you conditioned to do?

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