Talkative Budgie Says ‘Hi Babes’ And Other Sweet Things To All His Instagram Followers

We want to hang out with little parakeet Mr. Poof because he says the nicest things all day long.

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Mr. Poof cracks himself up.
Anastasia Thrift

“Yeah! You’re so pretty. Yes you are.”

“Come here. Look at you! So cute.”

That’s what you’ll hear if you hang around Mr. Poof, a talking budgie with the most positive things to say ever on his Instagram page and YouTube channel. He does it all in a voice that sounds exactly like his owner’s, Zivanka Markovic of Toronto, Canada.

“I am surprised at his abilities, too,” Markovic told “He’s such a little recorder and mimics a lot of what we teach him.”

Hanging with @sweetasfiction ???????? A photo posted by Mr. Poof •The Talking Budgie (@mr.poof) on

Mr. Poof makes kissing sounds, whistles, talks and laughs in his videos. If you ever feel down, seriously, listen to this bird. He has strong posivibes. “Ahh ridiculous!” he says in one video. “You’re so cute, buddy,” he says in another. Thanks, buddy!

Happy birdie Via Mr. Poof/YouTube

Happy birdie Via Mr. Poof/YouTube

Mr. Poof, also known as Miguel, came to live with Markovic and her boyfriend in 2011 after a humble start: as one of many budgies in a cage at PetSmart. When Markovic went to pick out her new pet, after taking a long time to recover from the loss of her last bird, she saw a sea of green budgies.

“They all looked the same!” she said of the 2-3-month-old birds. “What made me pick Mr. Poof was that I connected with him. He kept looking at me while I looked into the cage and he kept winking. I know it sounds silly, but I go with my gut and I picked him because of that connection.”

  Mr. Poof talking on @sweetasfiction ❤❤❤ #talkingbudgie   A video posted by Mr. Poof •The Talking Budgie (@mr.poof) on

Markovic grew up with budgies but none of them talked. She began chatting with Mr. Poof when she brought him home, and at age 8 months he began to talk. A few phrases have surprised her:

“Look. Look! Did you see that?”

“Be careful.”

“OK babes. Hi, babes.”

Markovic says no one told Mr. Poof those phrases. He simply picked them up.

Right back atcha, Mr. Poof. Via Mr. Poof/YouTube

Right back atcha, Mr. Poof. Via Mr. Poof/YouTube

“The funniest one is probably him laughing out loud. Literally,” she said. “The first time I heard it I was embarrassed because Mr. Poof clearly mimics me. It comes out cute when he does it, though.”

She says she’d have to write down all his phrases to see how many words he knows, but she’s pretty sure he has at least 40 in his vocabulary. From what we hear, they are all super uplifting.

“Go get!” he said in a recent video. “So special.”

Aw, get outta here, Mr. Poof. You’re so special.

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