Talk to the Animals

I was recently contacted by animal communicator Bonnie Taplin to see if I wanted to host a session at my home and have my friends come over and have her talk to their pets. I would receive a free reading if I hosted, so it was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up.

Most of the people I invited had cats, but one, Sheryl, brought pictures of her two rescue dogs to be read.

The first was Quincy, a Chihuahua-terrier mix. Bonnie said Quincy has some insecurities and everyone talks about them. These insecurities stemmed from problems with his birth. He also told Bonnie he wants to be fed first and have his leash put on first. He feels he deserves this because he has seniority in the home.

His sister, Wink, talked more about Quincy than she did herself. She is concerned about Quincy’s breathing issues and his leg injury. Sheryl shared that when she adopted Quincy he had had surgery for an injury to his hind leg, which may have been the result of being hit by a car.

The other very interesting thing Wink shared was that she didn’t like being called “Stinky Winky.” Sheryl calls her Stinky Winky when she rolls in something smelly.

One interesting thing occurred when Bonnie started reading Quincy. She asked if the name Lou or Lewis meant anything, especially as a middle name. It didn’t to Sheryl, but it did to me. My Siamese, Meeser Lewis, has passed on, but Bonnie had just picked up his picture with my other cat Chloe and apparently, Meeser wanted to speak up.

Bonnie said that it happens sometimes. I was especially touched because Meeser and I shared a special bond.

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