Tales From a Dog Catcher

New book recounts experiences working as an animal control officer.

Most dog lovers would not find a career in animal control particularly enticing. But in the new book “Tales from a Dog Catcher,” author Lisa Duffy-Korpics recounts her years as an animal control officer in a series of fascinating and engaging stories.

In the 22 real life stories, Duffy-Korpics sheds light on the duties of a dog catcher serving the public. While there are plenty of mundane tasks civil servants must perform, there are plenty more exciting adventures the public is not always privy to. The author offers readers a glimpse into her world, where each day is never the same. She also reveals herself to be a compassionate animal lover as much – if not more so – than some of the people she served.

Each vignette is an interesting tale of human and animal interaction. The book is as much about the many animals Duffy-Korpics has encountered as it is about the quirky characters she met.

From the housewife certain there is a mountain lion or bear in her garage to the decades-long feud between two neighbors and their dogs, the stories can be funny and heartbreaking, often simultaneously. However, there is no shortage of entertaining encounters.

Animal lovers will appreciate the candid tales, and enjoy a new perspective on an often unexamined profession.

“Tales from a Dog Catcher” by Lisa Duffy-Korpics is on sale now.

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