New Talent Agency Aims To Help Dogs Become Rich and Famous

Does your dog have what it takes to make it big? Then you're going to need an agent.

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Chloe is looking to make it bigger with her owner, managing partner of The Dog Agency. Via Chloe The Mini Frenchie/Twitter

Have you ever watched a commercial that includes a dog and you think to yourself, “My pet is much cuter/funnier/more charismatic than that dog!”

Well many others have felt the same — evidenced by the growing number of Twitter and Instagram canine celebrities — and now one New York City-based lawyer turned entrepreneur has found a way, as her website says, “to strategically connect the dots between and among dog influencers, their adoring fans and the brands who need them.”

Lori Edwards is the managing partner of The Dog Agency, a talent management firm that connects dogs and their owners with businesses that want to promote their products.

“With dogs, you’re reaching men, women, kids, grandparents,” Edwards told the Wall Street Journal. “They just have this wide appeal.”

"I make this tutu look good!" Via The Dogist/Twitter

“I make this tutu look good!” Via The Dogist/Twitter

Edwards reportedly has arranged deals for her clients with like PetSmart, Ritz-Carlton, Pixar and Budweiser, to name a few, and says she takes a “standard management commission” from contracts.

Representing “famous” dogs is not new for the former attorney. She manages and is the proud mom of celebrity dog, Chloe The Mini Frenchie, who rose to fame after becoming an Instagram favorite.

“When I made the account for Chloe, it wasn’t to create this influencer,” Edwards told WSJ. “It was to show cute photos of my dog and make people happy.”

Elias Weiss Friedman, photographer of dogs and creator of The Dogist Instagram account, is reportedly one of Edwards’ signature clients. Specializing in pups and their “parents,” The Dog Agency has helped Friedman use his work with dogs to finalize partnerships with Google and has another in the works with Nikon.

"I am the queen of the world!" Via Piggy & Polly/Twitter

“I am the queen of the world!” Via Piggy & Polly/Twitter

Other clients include Piggy and Polly, French Bulldog sisters from Delray Beach, Florida, and Brooklyn-based Goldendoodle Samson.

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