Taking Your Dog’s Photo

How can I take a good photo of my dog?

Q. Our 16-year-old mixed-breed dog hates having her picture taken. Every time we try to take her picture she hangs her head and tucks her tail. She looks miserable in all the pictures. We’ve tried not using a flash. What else can we do?

A. Talk about trying to teach an old dog new tricks. After 16 years of camera shyness, this may not work, but give it a try. Without any film in the camera, pretend to take pictures of items and people around your dog. When you aim the camera and pretend to take the dog’s picture, give her a treat. After you’ve spent an hour or more on this game, call your dog to get her attention and hold the treat next to the camera. Aim and say “Good dog!” Then reward your dog. Remain cheerful and unconcerned the entire time because it may take a week or two of daily “picture taking” sessions before she learns cameras equal treats.

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