‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ Tips

Animal behaviorist Andrea Arden offers tips for "Take Your Dog to Work Day.”

Working like a dog will have a whole new meaning on June 22, 2007, when “Take Your Dog to Work Day” clocks in around the nation. Part of Pet Sitters International’s endeavor to celebrate dogs by bringing them into the workplace, this day is a special way to thank your four-legged companion and bring a little canine comedy to the office.

“’Take Your Dog to Work Day’ is a great way to allow man’s best friend to energize the workplace for the day,” says Rob Leibowitz, vice president of marketing for Mars Petcare US, the makers of the Pedigree line of dog products, which is sponsoring the event.

To ensure your dog is the best canine coworker he can be, animal behaviorist Andrea Arden recommends keeping your dog busy. “While at the office, a busy dog is a good dog,” she says, offering these five tips to keep him out of your boss’ doghouse.

1. Morning Workouts: Burn your dog’s excess energy before work with a round of fetch or a morning walk. This can help prevent excessive barking, pacing, and begging from pent-up energy.

2. Toy Ploy: You’re bound to have conference calls and meetings that require your dog to stay put, so bring a few toys to entertain him while you are away from your office.

3. Meet and Greets: There may be other dogs in the office on that day, so try to introduce your dog to the others as soon as you arrive to work. Having all dogs meet early in the day will allow them to socialize and get comfortable with each other, and will help prevent possible outbursts.

4. Dress for Success: Clip your dog’s nails, give him a bath and brush his teeth before you take him to work.

5. Clean Scene: Your office environment should feel comfortable and safe to your dog. Be sure your office or cubicle has been dog-proofed with no loose power cords or papers on the floor. Bring a water bowl and a pet bed for extra comfort, and a gate or some type of temporary barrier at the door to keep your dog from wandering.

For more information about “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” visit www.petsit.com/tydtwd

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