Take Your Dog To Work Day Safety Tips

Friday, June 22, is the 14th annual Pet Sitters International "Take Your Dog to Work Day.” Check out these tips to have a fun and safe day at work with your dog!

poodle mix in briefcaseSponsored by DOG FANCY, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Adoptapet.com, and Four Legged Life, the day gives people the chance to celebrate the value of canines in the workplace and to promote pet adoption.

Every year, thousands of people participate in the event, which means it’s more than likely that not only will your dog be at the office, but so will other people’s dogs. The difference between the day being a triumph or a tragedy will depend on how prepared the owner is for the day. 

Celebrity dog trainer, animal behaviorist and radio host Harrison Forbes has some helpful tips to make sure everyone, both human and canine, enjoys the day.

Practice Makes Perfect: Before bringing your dog into the office, practice polite behavior by taking them out to public places. Letting Fido tag along on your next trip to the park, pet store or café patio, will help them become more acclimated to new people, places and animals. This will help them learn proper behavior when greeting people and help them relax in new settings.
Plan, Prepare and Protect: Plan ahead and check with your co-workers to make sure everyone is allergy-free and comfortable with dogs. Also, prepare your work space by hiding electrical cords if your dog is a chewer, and setting out a dog bed and water bowl. Most importantly, make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccines and protected from fleas and ticks that can be passed from other four-legged office mates.
Getting to Know You: Avoid office disputes by asking permission before you allow your dog to greet another dog, and don’t force your dog to become ‘friends’ with another dog; let them meet in their own time. Try to keep a loose leash when introducing your dog to another. Pulling tightly on the leash may cause your dog to become nervous and to growl or snap.

Pet Sitters International offers a variety of downloadable forms to help pet owners prepare for the day, click here to download the forms. They even have a song written just for the occasion.

Also, be sure to snap a picture of your pooch on the job, it could be worth $500 for you and $500 for an animal shelter of your choice – click here to upload it to the PSI site.


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