Take Your Cat to Work Day Tips

Mark your calendars: Jun. 25 is Take Your Cat to Work Day. Will you participate?

Move over kids and pups, it’s time for felines to have a little workplace fun, according to Petplan. Since 1999, Take Your Dog to Work Day has been a prominent office event, but the pet insurance provider feels that it’s time for kitty to reign in the workplace — thus, Take Your Cat to Work Day!

“There are approximately 13 million more cats than dogs in the United States,” says Petplan co-founder and co-CEO Natasha Ashton, “so why should dogs have all the fun? Cats already act like the boss of our homes and families; the next natural step is to give them their rightful place at the conference table. And that place is on it.”

Admittedly, cats can be a little less laid-back than dogs when out of their personal comfort zone; but, in their favor is their purr-fect prowess for kicking back on keyboards, pushing paper and pens about with a swish of their tail, and generally commandeering their person’s workspace.

Having hosted Feline Fur-st Fridays weekly at their Newton Square, Penn., headquarters for the past two years, Petplan is quite adept at making felines in the office work, and are sharing some of their greatest secrets for success (and safety!) with these three tips, from experienced office mates:

1. Pets should wear collars whenever you leave home and it’s a good idea to attach a bell to it, too, so coworkers can hear when they’re underfoot. Nothing feels worse than accidentally rolling over a paw!
–Natasha Ashton

2. Bring in a few of your cat’s favorite things from home to help him feel comfortable in the office. A bed or cat carrier, toys, food and water bowls and a litterbox are a must. A can of air freshener is usually appreciated by your colleagues, too.
–Chris Ashton, Petplan co-founder and co-CEO

3. Put safety first! Remember that electrical cords and wires can be a tempting toy for curious cats. The day before you bring your cat in, double check your office space to be sure all cords are secured safely out of paw’s reach.
–Dr. Jules Benson, Petplan Chief Veterinary Medical Officer

4. Make sure your kitty is wearing a collar and ID tag! My cat Milo actually escaped from the office during one of his visits. Thankfully a police officer found him (at the grocery store down the street!) and returned him to me, but if he didn’t have identification on him things could have been very different.
–Brittany Irvin, Petplan Happiness Manager

“Cats bring something special to the workday,” says Ashton. “Dogs may get tons of attention for their clowning enthusiasm, but our feline friends both soothe and charm. We have found that cats contribute every bit as much to a happy and productive workplace as their canine counterparts. It is our hope that companies who allow dogs in the office will open their doors to cats, too. Take Your Cat to Work Day is the perfect opportunity for workplaces to include all pet parents in the fun.”

Will you be participating in Take Your Cat to Work Day?

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