Take the Weight-Loss Challenge

Admitting your dog is overweight is the first step.

Eev Rodriguez-Knapp pampered her Pug Bluto out of kindness. She didn’t realize the extra food and treats could hurt him.

“When I got him, he had pneumonia, so I babied him,” says Rodriguez-Knapp, of New York. “I babied him to the point where he put on too much weight.”

Bluto ballooned to 30 pounds, about 10 pounds more than the average Pug. His interest in exercise waned, and Rodriguez-Knapp suspected his knees might be bothering him. She took him to the veterinarian, who suggested feeding him less and cutting out table scraps. In one year, Bluto dropped 8 pounds; he happily munched on sliced papaya and mango as snacks.

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