Take a ‘Staycation’ With Your Dog

Three ways to rediscover your city with a dog by your side.

Being frugal is in; expensive vacations are out. So how can you get away without breaking the bank? Try these three creative ways to explore your city with your canine pal.

1. Drive to a new neighborhood across town for a new walking route – one with different terrain or new scenery. It’s amazing the details you’ll discover while observing on foot, rather than speeding through by car. Pack a picnic lunch, Frisbee, blanket, and dog treats, then head for a park you’ve never visited before with your leashed pooch.

2. Explore a historic district or monument with your ever-willing walking companion. Some chambers of commerce offer free maps for self-guided walking tours on their websites or in brochures. Pretend you’re a tourist in your own town. With your dog by your side, you’ll get to see the sights from a new perspective.

3. Head downtown or to a busy shopping district for some window-shopping. Free dog treats may await your pal at pet-friendly small businesses. If you can, stop at a local dog bakery or pet-supply store for a special treat. Pick up a pastry or meal to go from a place you’ve never tried. Sit on a bench and enjoy the scenery, or stroll the waterfront or central square.

The point is to leave your comfort zone and try something new. Surely there’s a place you’ve been meaning to check out but never have, such as a new dog park in the next town or a great hiking trail a short drive away.

Just think: No need to navigate crowds at the airport, nor feel pinched in the wallet.

At day’s end, you’ll sleep in your own bed. The next week, you’ll return to work recharged and refreshed.

Sally Deneen is a DOG FANCY contributing editor.

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