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The robust and playful Manx lacks a tail but not personality. Their bountiful energy will keep you entertained while their loyalty will steal your heart.

Your best friend. She follows you around the house, keeping an eye on everything you’re doing, but doesn’t intrude. She hunts on your farm bravely, then comes inside and loyally curls up by your feet. When you throw her toy, she runs after it, picks it up and brings it back to you, eager for another throw.

She’s not your proud hound or prized sporting dog. She’s your Manx cat a feline famous for lacking a tail but not personality.

A lot of men like them because, to them, that seems like dog-type stuff, says Breeder Gale Thomas-Goodman of Vagary cattery. Recently relocated to North Carolina from New Jersey, Thomas-Goodman has bred Manx for 19 years. They’re very interested in being around where people are. They aren’t clingy, but they’re close by at all times. They like to sleep in your bed, help you make the bed, help you take a shower, help you go to the bathroom, help you talk on the phone. Whatever you’re doing, they want to help.

Breeder Kay DeVilbiss, a Texas-based Manx breeder for 22 years and president of The International Cat Association (TICA), compares them to a different species. They’re like little people, she says. They understand everything you say.

These qualities stem from this old breeds ancestry. As working farm-mousers from the Isle of Man, Manx cats versatile personalities helped them survive. They had to be strong enough to hunt mice, sturdy enough to endure the cold and rainy British weather, sweet enough to endear themselves to people and smart enough to achieve all of the above.

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