Tail Waggin’ Jingles

Life with a four-legged friend is so much fun that it inspired dog owners across the country to sing about it.

Country Music star Trace Adkins selects Dewey Longuski of Mason, MI as the Grand Prize winner of the Waggin’ Train Tail Waggin’ Jingle Contest. The contest asked dog owners to create an original jingle with lyrics describing how they enjoy a “tail waggin’ good time” with their best buddies.  

Dewey took home top honors following a live performance of his jingle in front of Adkins, who judged the five contest finalists in Nashville, Tenn. As the Grand Prize winner of the national contest, Dewey won the opportunity of a lifetime to perform his jingle in a recording session produced by the country star.  
“I was really impressed by all of the finalists’ performances and the quality of the jingles they wrote to celebrate the good times they share with their dogs,” says Adkins. “While it was a tough decision, Dewey’s jingle rose to the top because of its catchy lyrics and memorable melody that left me wanting to hear more.”

Listen to the Grand Prize winner’s jingle here.

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