Tabby Cat Loves His Tail. No, Like, Really Loves It.

Cats are independent, and this tabby proves it by showing he’d be happy with nobody else but his tail.

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All this cat needs is his tail.
Anastasia Thrift

Dogs chase their tails, like they’re enemies. Cats see their tails as their best friends — at least a recent video makes it look that way.

One tabby is super into his tail, as a YouTube video posted by Diana Racareanu shows. He basically uses it as a pacifier, holding it in his mouth as he cleans it repeatedly.

"I LOVE YOU!!!" Via Diana Racareanu/YouTube

“I LOVE YOU!!!” Via Diana Racareanu/YouTube

He is clearly comfortable. Watch him slouch, legs kind of just hanging wherever, while he hangs out with his friend, Tail. The video goes on for almost two minutes, and kitty seems happy to do this for even longer.

We’re glad he’s found The One.

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