Syrian Refugee Brings Cat Along On Journey To Safety

When one Syrian man decided to flee his war-torn country for Europe, he made sure to bring his kitten along for the journey.

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A photograph of a Syrian refugee and his family cradling a pet kitten has gone viral on Twitter. Via Tamara/Twitter

Over the last few months, more and more Syrians have packed up and escaped their country to begin a new life elsewhere. When fleeing his home, one young man decided a certain furry member of his family was not going to be left behind.

Photos of the unidentified man, who is on a journey to escape the war-torn country with his family and beloved kitten, are making the Internet rounds, reports the Daily Mail via the Greek news outlet Protothema. Cradled in a makeshift sling across his shoulder, the cute cat – named Zaytouna, which is Arabic for Olive – is stealing the heart of many social media followers.

The photos show the man and his family arriving together on the island of Lesbos, Greece. Reportedly, this is just a pit stop as they continue their journey to Europe.

According to the blog Keep Talking Greece, Zaytouna is one of several pets that are traveling with families escaping war and violence seeking a better life.

Other families also are escaping Syria with their pets. Via Keep Talking Greece

Other families also are escaping Syria with their pets. Via Keep Talking Greece

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