Switching A Ferret’s Litter

How can owners get a ferret to use a different litter?

Q: I have a question about ferret litter. Some people say not to use clumping litter or cedar, so what should I provide for my ferrets? I have been using the clumping litter. I tried pelleted litter, but my ferrets won’t use it. They dig it out of the pan and go everywhere else. How can I get my ferrets to switch litter?

A: I believe the best litter to use is a newspaper type of litter so that the odors and the dust don’t get into a ferret’s respiratory system. When you introduce a new litter, leave a little ferret poop in the litter box so the ferret remembers what to do in the litter box. Occasionally, ferrets play or sleep in their litter, especially when it is new and clean. That’s why keeping a little old poop in the litter box can be helpful.

It may take a while for a ferret to completely switch litters. Place the ferret in the litter box to encourage it to go there, and your pet should make the transition.

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