Swimming Pools Literally Go To The Dogs For Last Few Hours Of The Season

Outdoor public pools in Calgary, Canada, let dog owners bring their pets for one last swim before the pools are drained for the winter.

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Weirdly enough, no one is doggy paddling.

Most outdoor public pools closed for the season on Labor Day and everyone (myself included) had to grumble through their last laps, last mouthful of chlorine and last cannonball off the diving board. But in Calgary, Canada, some very special swimmers got to enjoy the last few hours of pool season.

According to CBC News, the Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pools Association held its fourth annual Dog Day on Monday, allowing dog owners to bring their four-legged friends to the pool for a final blast of summer fun. (And to hopefully to reward those dogs for being so patient when they watched their bathing suit and beach towel-toting owners leave for the pool every weekend). More than 300 dogs typically participate in the event, which raised about $800 for the Calgary Humane Society this year.

They see me swimmin', they hatin'. Via CBC News/YouTube

They see me swimmin’, they hatin’. Via CBC News/YouTube

“Once we are done tonight, we are done,” Jennifer Zacharias of the Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pools Association told CBC News. The pools are drained for the season, right after the last dog climbs out and shakes himself off.

That isn’t quite the textbook definition of “the dog days of summer,” but it’s an excellent interpretation, all the same.

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