Sweetest Sister Ever Surprises Her Brother With A Hamster

Little Abby Stout spent her birthday money to buy her brother the pet he wanted.

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"Are you crying?" Abby asks her brother. Yes, he is. And we are too. Via Rachel Stout/Facebook

Hey, remember that time you got a World’s Greatest Sister coffee mug? You might want to push that toward the back of the cabinet, because you have just been dethroned by Abby Stout.

The New Jersey girl recently got a pet hamster and, almost immediately, her brother Daniel decided that he wanted a hamster of his own. He started doing extra chores around the house and putting every cent of his allowance into his hamster fund — but Abby had a better idea.

She recently had a birthday and, after opening all of her cards and counting up all of her monetary gifts, she had $55 bucks… and she already knew how she was going to spend it. While Daniel was at a friend’s house, their mother, Rachel Stout, took Abby to PetSmart so she could buy the hamster that he wanted.

So ever since Abby got her hamster Daniel had been busting his butt doing extra chores and going above and beyond to earn money to buy himself one. We added up Abigail’s birthday money and gift cards and she had $55 total. I asked her what she wanted to do with her money and she says, “I want to surprise Daniel and buy him his hamster. He has been working soooo hard.” I asked her numerous times of she was sure that’s what she wanted to do with her money and she never faltered. Daniel went over to a friend’s house to have a sleepover and we took Abby to pet smart where she asked for the exact hamster Daniel said he wanted, held it to make sure it was nice and excitedly told the woman all about how she was surprising her brother. We got it home, set it up and she she couldn’t wait for him to get home from his sleep over so he could be surprised and meet and name his hamster. This is the video of him meeting “Cubby.” Daniel Stout

Posted by Rachel Stout on Monday, 15 February 2016

“[Abby] held it to make sure it was nice, and excitedly told the woman all about how she was surprising her brother,” Rachel wrote on Facebook.

When Daniel came home from his sleepover, Abby was ready to surprise him.

“I got you a hamster!” Abby yells. “I paid for it!”

Daniel’s reaction is perfect. If we could, we’d hug her, too. Right after we gave her this coffee mug.

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