Sweet, Scrappy Stray Recovers Heartily To Become ‘World’s Most Annoying Cat’

Garbage-hunter, loud-meower, crevice-getting-stuck-in-er — Poki tests one couple’s patience.

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See why this cat has made one couple's life more, um, exciting.
Anastasia Thrift

You know how people say “No good deed goes unpunished”? We have now seen the cat embodiment of that expression.

A couple in Japan rescued a poor, abandoned cat, only to see it turn into the “world’s most annoying cat,” according to the title of their YouTube video documenting this. Rachel & Jun have lots of videos online, many of them about their cats, but this one about stray cat Poki might be the funniest.

The beginning of the video shows Poki from last November, when Rachel and Jun picked him up off the side of a road. He was underweight, had a withering, half-bald tail and smelled bad… really bad, according to Rachel’s voiceover.

Cut to two months later: Poki is healthy, happy and a total terror. He loudly meows for food, opens cupboard doors for food and gets into tight spots — possibly for food (main motivation here).

He gets stuck. A lot. He goes into the garbage. Repeatedly. Every time Rachel and Jun try to foil his plans, he finds a way to get stuck and ransack garbage, despite their efforts.

Even though Rachel and Jun have to put up with a lot of — sometimes very smelly — shenanigans from Poki, they still love him. Rachel even calls him her baby.

They probably always see Poki as that little cat they rescued from the side of the road, who became so dependent on them. He has a funny way of showing gratitude, but still.

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