Sweet as Honey

The petite Norfolk Terrier packs a punch.

At the biggest terrier dog show on the West Coast, a little Norfolk Terrier named Coco has made it to the Best in Show judging. The tension mounts. The judge signals Coco — it’s her turn. Her handler, Beth S., starts to take her down and back so the judge can examine her movement. And then, the airplane.

“Coco hates airplanes, and she thinks she can chase them away by barking,” Beth says.

“We were right in the middle of her individual gaiting, and she stops, looks up, goes up on her hind legs, and starts barking at this airplane. She doesn’t stop until it goes out of sight.” Proud of herself that she had successfully chased the airplane away, Coco resumed showing off for the judge. “The crowd went crazy,” Beth says. “Of course, she won Best in Show.”

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