SWAT Cat Has Returned

Last month, the feline mascot of Boston SWAT disappeared. We're happy to find out she's back.

Welcome home, SWAT cat! Via Boston.com

Last month, we reported on thedisappearance of SWAT Cat, unofficial mascot and beloved feline counterpart to the Boston SWAT team. At the time, SWAT Officers were heartbroken at the little Tortie’s unexpected and puzzling departure after spending two years patrolling alongside unit members.

“You pull into the driveway and hope she will come running across the parking lot,” Officer Evon Burroughs told The Boston Globe about the SWAT mascot cat. “She had become part of the family. But it’s sad, she’s not there. It’s like going to work and not seeing a well-liked coworker.”

The calico kitty, described as being a hard worker, wiggled her furry self into the hearts of unit members, causing them to send out a desperate plea for her return when she went missing. That was two months ago. With so much time passing, and no sign of SWAT Cat, officers began to suspect the worst – until yesterday.

According to police, yesterday morning, at 7:00, SWAT Cat sauntered onto the Roxbury base, none the worse for wear, and looking for a good meal.

“The officers are just happy that she was safe all this time,” police said.

There is still that nagging question, however, regarding her whereabouts for the past two months. She is SWAT Cat; perhaps she was on an undercover mission during her time away?

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