Suspicions Confirmed: Your Cat Really Does Run Your Household

Cats are free to go on your furniture, in your bed, and most say cats run the house. A survey shares how people share their homes with pets.

A new study by interior decorating and home design site Houzz reveals (or reaffirms) what we all suspect: cat people believe cats run the house.

The study posted this week polled 3,100 U.S. pet parents and found out the following about cat habits:

  • 73% of people who have cats let their cats have free rein of the household furniture.
  • 53% of cat people let cats sleep in the bed.
  • 13% of people who have cats say cats rule the house.

Dog people were less likely to let their dogs sleep in their beds or sit on the furniture of their choosing. Additionally, the study polled people internationally and found that cat people are a bit firmer with rules in countries outside the United States.

Click the image below for a full-sized infographic detailing the major findings of the poll or check out to read more results from the pet-owner survey.

Who runs the show in your home?


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