Survey Says Better Choices for Pets a Priority

Dog owners on tighter budgets remain committed to pets’ well-being.

While pet owners might be pinching pennies in their everyday lives, a recent survey has found that they remain committed to maintaining their cat or dog’s quality of life, according to a recent survey.

Making better choices for the well-being of pets is a priority, according to the June 2008 survey, conducted on behalf of The Goodlife Recipe. For example, one out of four people said they wouldn’t cut anything from their pets’ lives.

Additionally, two-thirds of cat and dog owners don’t check the price first when selecting their pets’ food according to the results. Instead, they’re scrutinizing recipes and ingredients like they do their own. Other findings include:

  • One in three respondents agreed their personal health habits influence what they feed their pets.
  • Nearly 60 percent of pet owners said natural ingredients and flavors are most important for pets.
  • Two in three people agreed that natural and fresh ingredients were most important for pets and people. However, natural ingredients ranked number one for pets while fresh ingredients ranked number one for people.

Of those pet owners making cuts, findings include:

  • Health remains a priority with nearly 50 percent indicating they wouldn’t reduce spending on vet visits.
  • Four out of five people agreed skimping on pet food wouldn’t be the first thing cut if the budget is tight.

The survey was conducted to assess the attitudes and lifestyle preferences of pet owners.

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