Surrendering Guinea Pigs

What are some tips for finding a new home for guinea pigs if you absolutely have to give them up?

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If you find you have to give up your guinea pigs, work to find it a happy home elsewhere. 

Q: My children have two female guinea pigs. My son and I have had major impacts on our allergies due to the hay. We would like to give them away. Would you know of any guinea pig rescues in the Westchester/Putnam/Rockland county area of New York?

A: When rehoming guinea pigs, first check with other parents whom your children may interact with. Asking if they would like a guinea pig is a great place to start. Then ask parents at your children’s school, fellow church members and coworkers, extended family members. If they do not want a guinea pig, perhaps they would be willing to ask people they know. Post on the neighborhood bulletin boards, swimming pool bulletin boards, online at Yahoo classified, Google classified, Petfinder, Pets911 or even Facebook.

Think about charging a rehoming fee and screening a new home to be sure about the welfare of the guinea pigs in the new home. A fee brings to the table folks who are willing to invest in the pet both financially and emotionally. To gauge people’s commitment, screen them by asking what they have done to educate themselves about having guinea pigs. Do they have a cage? What type of cage? How big is the cage? Who will be the primary caretaker of the guinea pig? Do they have other animals, especially dogs? What kind? Have they ever had to give up an animal before? What will they do to prepare for the guinea pigs?

Offer to share your knowledge and tell them what they can expect when taking your guinea pigs home with them. Offer to help if they have questions in the future, or offer some of the guinea pig reading material you may have. Your goal is to prepare them for the guinea pigs. These are simple, quick and insightful questions to prepare the new owners for your pets to move in with them.

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