Super Stylish Cat Birthday Party

Matilda the Algonquin hotel cat celebrates another year in style with fabulous guests.


Last night the Algonquin Hotel, in the Times Square area of Manhattan, threw a big bash as they do each year to celebrate their feline mascot, Matilda’s, Birthday. Though no one asked how many years she was celebrating – we all know it’s poor manners to ask a lady – and her cake didn’t give anything away.


Each year’s birthday has a theme with cat models and actors dressed accordingly. This year’s theme was a “Feline Salute to NYC’s First Responders” with cats dressed up as firemen, doctors, policemen, EMT, Red Cross members and more. Outside, the Mayor’s Alliance had an adoption van, and rumor had it there was a line of cat lovers waiting to get into the sold-out event where guests took advantage of the open bar and noshed on cat plates (I was tempted to stick one in my purse but refrained – too cute!).


The guest of honor was absent much of the evening from the cat treehouse she calls home, making very brief appearances for the media (likely against her will). A bit of sleuthing on our part found her taking a nap out of the public eye. Not even a sold-out party could keep her away from the warmth of a copy machine and quiet of a backroom office. Cats will be cats! Happy Birthday Matilda!






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