Super Seniors

Meet more of CAT FANCY's Oldest Living Cat Cat Contest winners.

Ebbie, 19
Maggie Villano
Hackettstown, N.J.
Although my cat Ebbie is now 1 years old, she still has the same mischievous ways that she’s had since kittenhood. She now spends more time sleeping than playing, but she still manages to get into things. I’m very grateful that she still amuses me with all her shenanigans!

Molly, 18
Elaine Read
Nepean, Ontario, Canada
I got my cat Molly when she was 15. For exercise, I started to throw pieces of her kibble for her to chase. She loved this game and soon waited expectantly every evening for me to throw it for her. She is now 18 (she’ll be 19 in July) and, although she still waits for me to start the game, she now walks to the kibble and won’t move if it lands more than 3 feet away.

Smokie, 18
Lois and Dale Marks
Louisville, Ohio
Smokie is an adorable, loving senior citizen. He may be a bit arthritic now, but in the past, he spent five years visiting hospitals and nursing homes as a Delta Society cat, bringing joy to the patients. He still enjoys playing with his 8-year-old “sister” Snuggles.

Tom, 18
Dawn Benchley
Old Fort, N.C.
Tom is 18 years old and is in fairly good health. He’s my best friend and I love him very much.

Lauren, 18
Rebecca Wolf
Anna, Texas
Lauren was born my junior year in high school, and I have had her from that day forward. She has been my loyal friend and companion for the last 18 years. She’s now older than I am when she was born! Lauren was there for my high school graduation, college graduation, marriage and the birth of both of my children. We all kiss her goodbye in the morning and are excited to get home in the evening to have her meet us at the door. We are grateful for her every day.

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