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Bunny is the oldest at 21 yearsBunny, 21

Bunny is a 21-year-old Siamese. She has had diabetes for five years, but she remains in good health otherwise. She loves to lie on her pillow in the screened-in porch during the warm months. She always has been an indoor cat, but for the past three years, the porch is her favorite place. I’m sure the warmth makes her bones feel like they were 10 again!

Suzanne and Kevin Auten
Granite Falls, N.C.

Puck rings in at a wise 19 years oldPuck, 19
Puck has been my constant companion for the past 19 years. For the past several years, we have observed a ritual in which I make a tent with my knees under the bed covers while reading or watching television at night. Puck will burrow under the covers and curl up around my feet, where she remains until I’m ready to turn out the light. With northern Ohio’s cold winter nights, this is one habit I can really appreciate.

Connie Carr
Lorain, Ohio


Pia is just as old as Puck at 19Pia, 19

At 19 years young, Pia has witnessed my college graduation, marriage, a major move and the birth of my son. She still is able to leap up on my bed and amuses me by singing for her breakfast and boxing with my husband as he gets ready for work. I love it most when she joins me on the couch to “read” the morning paper. The smell of the printer’s ink mixed with the warmth of my lap makes her purr as loudly now as she did when she was a kitten.

Missie Bailey
Corpus Christi, Texas

16 year-old Rex is the fourth oldest cat of all the entriesRex, 16
Rex was a stray that wandered through our yard every day and later became a permanent resident. His favorite game is a combination of “chase” and “hide-and-seek,” even at his senior age. He will come up to me and then turn around and run as fast as he can. It’s my job to chase him while yelling, “Where’s Rex?”  He usually hides in a bush, and I have to find him yelling, “There’s Rex,” and pick him up for a hug. We both love the game!

Bonnie Bauer
Tempe, Ariz.

15 year-old Shmoo rounds out the top five oldest catsShmoo, 15

This is my beloved Shmoo. We adopted her from friends in New Jersey who rescued her. She has moved with us five times and has adapted well to each new house. She has tolerated our two male cats but adores people.  My favorite thing that Shmoo does is when she lies on the sofa, presses up against my leg with her belly exposed so I can rub it, all while she purrs loudly.

Holly Moore
Hamburg, Pa.


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