Super Bowl Ad Upsets Greyhound Activists

More than 45,000 people have signed a Grey2K USA petition asking the Skechers shoe company to withdraw its Super Bowl ad featuring Greyhounds running at Tucson Greyhound Park in Arizona.

The ad reportedly features Greyhounds losing a race to a French Bulldog known as Mr. Quiggly who is wearing Skechers.

Grey2K USA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of Greyhounds, is boycotting Skechers stores and asking them to pull the ad that is set to air during the Feb. 5 Super Bowl. The organization complains that the ad highlights the highly controversial sport of Greyhound racing as humorous.

“Tucson Greyhound Park has an extensive record of cruelty, which is why it is so hard to understand why Skechers would partner with such a notorious place,” says Christine Dorchak, president of Grey2K.  

According to USA Today Skechers has no plans to pull the commercial and quotes marketing chief, Leonard Armato, as stating that the commercial is not intended to promote dog racing, but rather to celebrate the “beautiful spirit” of Mr. Quiggly.

Grey2K encourages those concerned with the ad to get involved and let Skechers know the cruelties of Dog Racing.

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