Super Affectionate Cat Welcomes His Best Pal Home

Dorian the cat can't wait to snuggle with little Cadyn in this adorable video.

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You know what they say: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Well, this YouTube video posted last week by KJ Mayor is adorable, both because we’ve never seen a cat acting more affectionately and because the kid didn’t wake up and yell, “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Snuggle Cat 2

“I’ll just wait riiight here until you wake up.”

Dorian the cat obviously missed little Cadyn who, according to the YouTube description, had been at his mother’s house for a few days. The cat couldn’t wait to welcome him back, not even until he was awake and, you know, responsive to all of those snuggles.

Some YouTube commenters have suggested that Dorian isn’t actually being cute, but rather he’s trying to cover Cadyn with his scent and mark him as his property. Maybe we can just split the difference and say that Dorian truly loves Cadyn and wants to steal his sweet PJs.

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