Summer Travel With Your Dog Made Easy

Bringing the dog along on the family vacation doesn't have to mean added stress if you are prepared and plan ahead.

dog at the beachSee our list of tips that will help make your summer vacation fun and worry-free for everyone.

  1. Carry proof.  Always have copies of vaccination records and important medical information (such as allergies or conditions) with you.
  2. Friendly flying. If you are traveling by air, be sure to call your airline and make sure you know their restrictions and rules for traveling with pets. Each airline is different. Be aware that dogs are not allowed to travel in very warm or cold months.
  3. Make reservations. While it might be fun to find hotels as you go, you might find your options limited with your pup in tow. Call any accommodations you are planning on staying at prior to making a reservation and verify that they allow pets. Some hotels have weight or breed restrictions, and many only allow one pet per room, so this is an important step so you don’t make a reservation, show up, and then find out your best friend is not welcome.
  4. For activities, plan ahead. There are tons of resources online that give dog-friendly activities in cities. Remember, most hotels do not allow you to leave your pet in the room, so you will need to have a place for him to stay if you do a non-dog friendly activity. Look up local kennels; sometimes tourist attractions have their own kennels. For example, the Disney Parks have dog kennels for a fee and Sea World offers free boarding.
  5. A touch of home. Most dogs prefer to have something familiar to sleep on when they travel. Bring their dog bed, a blanket they usually sleep on, or a towel they have used so that it has their scent when you place it your hotel room. This will make your dog feel more comfortable in his new surroundings.
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