Sugar Glider Travel Guide

Follow these tips for safe travel with a sugar glider.

Keep a small, rigid carrier designed for small mammals or reptiles on hand to transport your sugar glider. If a sugar glider is sick, keep it warm while being transported to the veterinarian. Cover the cage to help reduce stress.

It’s best to leave your sugar glider at home with a pet sitter when you go on vacation. Contact your exotics veterinarian or a sugar glider breeder for a referral to a qualified pet sitter. Hire a person who is comfortable with and preferably knowledgeable about caring for sugar gliders. Have the pet sitter meet your sugar glider before you go on your trip.

If you must move the cage to the pet sitter’s home, do this several days before you leave on your trip.  Try to spend time with the sugar glider in the new environment if possible to help your small pet feel secure. 



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