Sugar Glider Has Difficulty Eliminating

Why would a sugar glider have difficulty eliminating?

Q: My oldest female sugar glider appears to have difficulty going to the bathroom. She makes that sort of pissed, hiss noise and rubs her bottom on items. This is a fairly new occurrence, and she seems very unhappy. Please advise about what to do. My funds are tight; my wife left and took our other sugar gliders, so any home remedies are better.
A: Sadly, there are really no home remedies I can recommend because I do not know what the problem is. Without knowing what the problem is, you cannot treat it.

If your sugar glider is having problems urinating, this could be due to urinary tract stones, infection or even cancer.

If your sugar glider cannot defecate, this problem is even more complicated. It could be from a blockage, an infection or cancer in her intestinal tract or even masses in her abdomen pressing on her intestines.

This sounds like a serious problem. Try to find a veterinarian in your area that knows how to treat sugar gliders so you can get an answer quickly.

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