Sugar Glider Fan Flight

Gliding is what sugar gliders are all about, and this video shows one practicing "flight” with the aid of a fan.

sugar glider on hand
Via DailyPicksAndFlicks/Facebook 

If you want to see what looks like 10 seconds of sugar glider bliss, check out this video posted to YouTube by user Libraryelfs. With an oscillating fan blowing on him from behind his perch on someone’s hand, he seems to turn to check out the breeze, then he hunkers down for “flight.” Forget having the breeze blow in your face, this little guy is definitely enjoying the tail wind. It brought a smile to my face when I saw him spread his legs to give full expansion to his gliding membrane, the patagium. Then, woohoo, he got the full sensation of gliding on air — all the while he was safely balanced on a hand. That looks like some pretty sweet enrichment for a sugar glider. No worries about a jump from a high shelf or door top ending in a crash landing. It’s good to encourage sugar gliders to glide.

Sugar gliders are marsupials native to Australia. Some people keep them as pets, and they have been in the pet trade in the United States since about the 1990s. Pet sugar gliders can live for up to 12 years. In the wild, they can glide for about 150 feet. For more about sugar gliders, see our articles about frequently asked questions and sugar glider behavior.

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