Sugar Glider Can’t Move

Are there home remedies for a sugar glider that can’t move?

Q: Two days ago I found my baby (Batman, a sugar glider) in the corner of his cage. I picked him up he was practically lifeless. He’s doing better now — his eyes are open and his ears are up, but when he tries to move he vibrates. I’ve been feeding him fluids every couple hours with an eyedropper as he doesn’t have enough energy to climb or walk to his food. Where I’m living at we just got about a foot of snow, and I’m afraid to take him to a veterinarian for risk of him freezing, also all the icy roads. What else can I do for him?
A: Unfortunately, there is not much you can do for this little guy at home. Giving your sugar glider fluids through an eyedropper is about as much as you can do with supplementation. You can try feeding him sugar glider food, also through that eyedropper. But he probably is suffering from a disease process that needs to be diagnosed and treated by your veterinarian.

I understand how difficult it can be to travel during the winter, but it is less likely your sugar glider will suffer freezing during your travel and more likely he’ll succumb to whatever has caused him to be so sick if you cannot get him some help at your veterinarian’s office.

If you are worried about traveling, keep your sugar glider warm in a carrier with some blankets and towels, both inside the carrier and wrapped around the carrier. You can put the heat on in the car to try to keep him warm. You can place plastic bottles filled with warm water around his carrier but not in the carrier. This will help keep him warm for a while.

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