Substitute Jewelry

I just fashioned my own bird bracelet, going off of the bird bracelet featured on the homepage carousel. I didn’t have time to run to the craft store, but I needed something to deflect my cockatiel’s obsession with my necklace. So I fashioned an edible necklace and bracelet ensemble by stringing up some Cheerios. (Glad I chose Cheerios over Kix when grocery shopping this month!)

This came more out of necessity than just something to do. Gracie broke my necklace clasp … again. That makes the current breakage count seven. I know that because I still have the other six, which are laid to rest in my jewelry box drawer.

Gracie does a certain chirp when she finally cracks the delicate little retractable bar that completes the clasp’s circle. One precise pinch, leads to a “Well, would ’ya look at that?!” wonderment, embodied in that one little chirp.

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