Submit Your Ringtone to BirdChannel

Got a sound clip you think other BirdChannel members might want to put on their phones? Submit it to us!

Send us a ringtone of your bird’s voice!  We can accept MP3 files with a maximum length of 15 seconds. Please follow our tips/guidelines before recording your ringtone or submitting it to us. Our staff will review your ringtone and post on the site if acceptable within 3 business days.


  • Ringtones that contain human voices and/or animals in distress will not be accepted.
  • If you can only record into .wav format, you can convert the file using mp3 encoding software. Example Software
  • Ringtone submissions should be free of other noises as much as possible and your bird’s voice should be isolated.
  • Ringtones are best without pauses or breaks. Your ringtone should be producing sound continuously.
  • When submitting your ringtone, please also include a description. (For example: Lovebird Singing or Scarlett Macaw Squawk)
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