Study Shows That Watching Cat Videos Can Increase Energy, Improve Mood

If you spent the morning on a Lil Bub binge, you should feel pretty good about yourself.

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Go ahead and watch this video of Keyboard Cat — it'll make you feel good!

It’s official: Keyboard Cat is good for you. And so is Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and probably even the Pop Tart-bodied Nyan Cat.

According to a new study from a researcher at the Indiana University Media School, watching cat videos online can have a positive effect on your mood and your outlook, increasing your energy and decreasing negative feelings.

“If we want to better understand the effects the Internet may have on us as individuals and on society, then researchers can’t ignore Internet cats anymore,” assistant professor and study author Jessica Gall Myrick said in a press release.

During the course of her research, she surveyed nearly 7,000 adults about their cat video-viewing habits and attempted to determine how those videos affected their moods. The participants reported that they felt more positive and more energetic after watching cat videos, and had fewer negative emotions “such as anxiety, annoyance and sadness” after their cat-centric viewing sessions.

Myrick donated 10 cents to Lil Bub’s foundation for every person who participated in the study, raising almost $700 for needy animals. That’s something we can feel good about, too.

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