Stressed Pets? Videos Dubbed By Former Dr. Who Will Soothe Them

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"I feel so... at ease. Thank you, YouTube." Via MORE THAN/YouTube
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Empty food bowls, taunts by neighborhood wildlife, skateboards — pets’ lives are filled with stressors. What is a modern cat or dog to do to stay well-adjusted? The internet has answers.

Insurance company MORE THAN has created videos for dogs and cats that put scientific research into action to calm pets’ nerves, and uploaded them to its YouTube page. Voice-over by former Dr. Who David Tennant adds another layer of anxiety-swaddling that just might work to soothe spooked dogs or cats.

“MORE THAN has created the first film for cats that is scientifically designed with the intention of reducing stress caused by fireworks and loud noises,” text on the company’s cat-chillax video page reads. “Guided by extensive scientific research the film features a range of animate and inanimate objects, including fish and swaying trees.”

Dogs get their due, too. The insurance company switches up the video offerings on the dog stress-relief clip but uses the same calming approach.

“The film has been shot in a dog’s colour vision, features slow-moving pastoral scenery, a cast of sedentary dogs and a voiceover by David Tennant using words and cadences that will relax dogs,” text on the dog video reads.

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the wheat in my mind.  Via MORE THAN/YouTube

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the wheat in my mind. Via MORE THAN/YouTube

“The film loops a number of times to reinforce feelings of calm among canines. It is designed to be played a number of times to dogs suffering from noise phobia to help combat nervousness and stress.”

In this day and age, we all could use a little extra calming. If these films work so well that your pets wind up falling asleep, you might want to keep them on for yourselves.

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