Stray Kitten Followed a Dog Home and Decided She was Going to Live There Too

Sometimes you just have to go after what you want.

Simone was born in May of 2015. She is an orange and white cat who lived on the streets of Athens, Greece her entire life… until she met Aragon, a dog.

A volunteer for Greece’s Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) would take Aragon on walks throughout the city and Simone would often join them. On one of their walks, Simone just followed them home and didn’t leave. Now, she and Aragon are the best of friends.

As you can see, they play together (and are awesome at hide-n-seek, tease each other and genuinely seem to enjoy each other’s company. Simone found the perfect foster family. But she still needs a forever home. She’s adorable (as you can tell by the video), is litter trained, spayed, vaccinated, healthy and best of all she gets along well with dogs, cats and people.

If you’re thinking about adopting Simone, visit the Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union, which is an animal rescue organization in Greece.


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