Stray Dog With Cancer Undergoes Amazing Transformation

A street dog covered with tumors was taken in and rehabilitated to become a thriving, friendly pet.

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From cancer-riddled street dog to friendly, loving pet, Boby rapidly recovered. Via Sin Embargo
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A starving dog covered in cancerous tumors had endured enough suffering in two years to last a lifetime. And he has a long, happy life ahead to be grateful.

Boby, a malnourished street dog in Mexico City with cancerous tumors all over his body, seemed doomed until rescuers brought him to Dalia Gámez who adopted, cured and nourished the stray to health, according to Sin Embargo.

Boby was brought to a vet shortly after being found in January 2015 and by March 2015 he’d found a loving home.

Boby was found with tumors all over his body. Via Sharon Dennis/Facebook

Boby was found with tumors all over his body. Via Sharons Dennis/Facebook

Boby underwent aggressive chemotherapy treatment upon being brought to a vet. It was a risk, Gámez told Sin Embargo, because the vet noted Boby’s severe malnourishment. Both were unsure whether the dog would survive.

Boby looks so much better. Via

Boby is almost unrecognizable. Via Sharons Dennis/Facebook

But the dog did — and thrived. He responded well to the chemotherapy and began to eat well. Boby’s spirit returned and because the dog was in such a warm, playful spirit, neighbors would line up to see him.

The story ended so happily and quickly, it’s likely the reason why it’s being shared again, over a year after it took place. And because Boby was in such bad shape, Gámez and fellow animal advocates appreciate that this knowledge is spread, so others can know the rehabilitation potential in pets who have suffered.

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