Couple Takes In Stray Cat, Gets An Adorable Surprise 3 Weeks Later

A couple took in a small cat when it got cold outside, and then three weeks later, they had five kittens on their hands.

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Five newborn kittens is a pretty wonderful surprise. Via treebeards_friend/Reddit

Some of the best things on Earth come in small packages, and this stray cat is no exception.

When the winter temperatures started to drop, a couple took in a small gray cat they found outside.

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“She’s a beauty with a secret.” Via Imgur

Three weeks later, the cat surprised them by giving birth to five even smaller gray kittens, as shared on Reddit by user treebeardsfriend.

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Surpirse, humans! I was preggers! Via Imgur

The couple ended up naming the little lady “Tiny,” and they cared for her and her babies after they were born, making sure they received regular check-ups, vaccines, and were neutered/spayed by the local veterinarian.

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The miracle of birth is real. Via Imgur

And even though the couple ended up not being able to keep Tiny or her babies due to their current living situation, the original poster on Reddit stated that all of the cats went to good homes.

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Group hug! Via Imgur

But before they parted ways, the couple gave each of the kittens appropaite and all-around adroable names. According to the Reddit poster, “The largest kitten was named Dozer because he always bulldozed his way to get some milk. Next there was Sleepy (aka Slumpo). He just looooves to sleep! Once he even started to doze off during a bath…”

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Naptime with Mom. Via Imgur

As for the rest of the kitten crew, treebeardsfriend said, “Then you’ve got the middle cat, Magoo. She is a sweet precious all grey angel who was not quite as graceful as the other kittens and tended to fall off of things a little more. The second smallest was another all grey cat that we named Super Tiny! Apparently this kitty now goes for walks on the leash and plays fetch!

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Naptime is the best time. Via Imgur

“And finally there is our little runt, Nano. She was so small when she was born, but has always been a fighter. Nano had so much attitude and love inside her.”

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The cuteness is never-ending. Via Imgur

And the couple still gets to visit Tiny, who went to live with one of their family members.

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Mama needs her rest. Via Imgur

Happy endings all around!

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