Stray Cat Ate Random Food, Now Only Eats the Finest Canned Feasts

What can you do for a cat who only eats one type of food?

Why does my new stray cat only like soft food? He always wants more.
Cary Vanella

This could simply be a matter of taste in both flavor and mouth feel. Your cat has learned he can have all he wants, so rejecting dry food has no downside for him. It might even have an upside since wet food can meet some of his hydration needs.

His preference could also have something to do with his teeth. Since he’s a stray, it’s safe to assume he doesn’t get much veterinary attention. He may have tooth or gum sensitivities that make eating hard food painful.

If indulging his desire for wet food, which tends to be more expensive, isn’t breaking the bank for you or resulting in any kind of unpleasantness (bug attraction, for example), keep on doing it. If you’d prefer he change things up a bit — for any reason — start substituting some of the wet food with some dry. He’s bound to be annoyed at first, but he’ll likely adjust, or start scoping out the neighborhood for a restaurant with a menu that’s more in line with his preferences.

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