Strawberry Finches In The Bird Aviary

Find out which finch species can live in an aviary with the popular, but rare, strawberry finch.

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Q: What are some good finches to mix together that are pretty and have a nice song? They will be my first softbill birds, but I plan to have a big indoor cage for them. I like the strawberry finches’ sound and would definitely like to know what would be good with these species.

A: Strawberry finches do have a beautiful loud, sweet song and are very desirable pet birds. They are currently very difficult to find due to the import embargo on Asian birds, which was put into effect since the avian flu outbreak. As a result, when they are found, their price is usually much higher than it was only a few years ago. There are some being domestically bred, but it takes considerable patience to locate them. They are good community birds, though they can become pugnacious toward others when in breeding mode. It is not usually a good idea to house more than one pair of strawberry finches per cage. Other birds with significant amounts of red in their plumage (such as Peter’s twinspots or fire finches) will sometimes trigger an aggressive response.

All male finches sing, though few have especially loud or elaborate songs.  To create a peaceful community of reasonably good singing finches, you might consider some of the following species: star finches, Melba finches, blue-capped waxbills, chestnut-breasted Mannikins and even society finches. All these birds match well with the strawberry’s temperament and can usually live together peacefully. Because strawberry finches can be a bit territorial at times, it’s always a good idea to have several feeding stations in a mixed aviary.

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